How do you legally ship alcohol?

How we handle the 21+ rule 

A question we get asked a lot is how we know that you are 21 when we are shipping to you. Legally in the United States, you have to be  21 or older to purchase/drink alcohol.

Fortunately for us - FedEx and UPS offer an option to make sure that someone 21 or older signs for the package. Because of this, someone must sign for your package.  

Here are our tips to make sure your gift gets delivered.

  1. Send to a Business Address where someone is there to sign. This is the best way to make sure your package gets delivered.
  2. Let your recipient know that a gift is coming. We don’t have their email address so while we send you all the updates feel free to forward them on to your recipient. 
  3. Schedule a Delivery - once the carrier has attempted a delivery they will leave a phone number to call to arrange delivery. The carrier will attempt to deliver 3 consecutive times before the order is returned back to us. 
  4. Schedule a Pickup - you can ask FedEx or UPS to hold at their facility for you to pick up. With UPS this includes any UPS store. Remember - you will still have to show ID!

PS - unfortunately once the packages are picked up we can’t control how UPS & FedEx conduct their business. We know everyone has preferences but our shipping methods are decided on which carriers ship to what states. View more information about our shipping policies here.

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